Caroline Community Theatre


What the Cookery!

CCT Youth Theatre: Ages 8 - 18

Audition Dates

June 10 at 6:00 PM

June 11 at 7:00 PM

Performance Dates

August 3 - 5, 2018


Auditions will be held at the Caroline Theatre (the former Ladysmith Elementary School):

7278 Ladysmith Rd
Ruther Glen, VA 22546
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The following will be required for auditions:

  • Cold readings from the script
  • Prepare 32-48 measures of a song (you may provide your own music; a CD player and Bluetooth speaker will be available)
  • Actors will sing three scales, chosen at random
  • Actors will be asked to match pitches, sing in a round, and sing harmony, if able
  • There is also a need for stage hands, a sound technician, and a props manager
  • Ages 8 - 18

This is a youth theatre production. No prior acting experience is necessary to audition. No appointments necessary.

Audition Form

To save time, you may download and fill out an audition form and bring it with you to auditions. You may also fill out a form when you arrive.

Download as Word document Download as PDF file

About the Show

What the Cookery!
by Justin Smith

Directed by Justin Smith

Summary: It's Daniel's 100th episode of his cooking show, "What the Cookery", and he couldn't be happier! It's always been his dream to be the best chef in the world, and for this episode his assistant has set up a cooking competition with a mystery chef. Little does he know: his guest is a blast from the past, and she's got a bone to pick. This two-act musical features a bizarre love interest, an overly enthusiastic Infomercial Man, and a camera man who yearns for his 10 seconds of fame. This is bound to be Daniel's craziest episode ever!


Daniel (Baritone) An ambitious chef who wants to be the best in the world. Daniel is an extremely charismatic and fun person. His TV show has been extremely successful, and he feels like he is on top of the world. Little does he know, Morgan is about to come and challenge his dream!
Morgan (Alto) Rival chef to Daniel. She has hidden ties to Daniel. Morgan yearns to beat him in his cooking competition to prove that she's always been better than him. Morgan can be haughty at times, but she has an extreme love of cooking.
Richard (Tenor) The witty and sometimes snarky son of Morgan. Richard often gets on his mother's nerves, as he is one of the pickiest eaters in the world!
Victor (Bass) Daniel's sarcastic assistant. Victor hates everything about cooking. He very begrudgingly does his job, and goes out of his way to let everyone know it.
Amber (Soprano) Morgan's sarcastic assistant. Amber hates her job as much as Victor does. Little does she know, her shared dislike of her job will spark a love interest between her and Victor!
Tom (Baritone) Daniel's lamenting camera man. Tom's one dream was to have his 10 seconds of fame in front of the camera. Alas, the only gig he can get is that of a camera-man. All he wants is to be seen!
Tim (Baritone) An overly enthusiastic salesman. Tim has an abundant array of ridiculous products to sell, and he's willing to aggressively, and cheerfully, force them on anyone willing to listen!
Mr. Hinkley Elder, and crotchety, husband of Mrs. Hinkley. He doesn't speak very much, but he still somehow finds himself at the whim of his rather heavy-handed wife.
Mrs. Hinkley Elder, and crotchety, wife of Mr. Hinkley. Like her husband, she doesn't speak much, but she loves to show everyone how much she "loves" her husband!
Salesman's Assistants (Ensemble) Tim's enthusiastic helpers! And they're great dancers too!
Friends of Mr. & Mrs. Hinkley (Ensemble) Elderly friends of the couple who are excited to be on TV!